Alle meine Grenzen haben Eile




This light art to share online, is an invitation to the game of getting the right selfie poses on the wall of the existing sculpture gallery in the entrance area on the new place at the new building of the Museum of History in Frankfurt. An ideal setting for an identity art that associate yourself with something that is bigger than yourself, confirming existing identities or exploring alternative selves while interlacing the historical sculptures into your own identity. Spotlights are installed opposite the sculpture gallery. As soon as you step into the cone of light, you will cast an oversized shadow.

As evidenced by recent studies, museums are the perfect site for selfie taking, designed for exhibit and performance of meaning, are controversial spaces where we are urged to enlighten and shade what we ourselves are. There the selfie phenomenon combines history, culture and education in a multi-layered shadow theatre in which the mimicry, the social norms, the past and the present, of this dynamic art behavior reveals far more than narcissism. The phenomenon of identity is a process always fragmentary and incomplete.

Online selves influence one another, selfies are public reflections of the way we see and present ourselves and persuade other people to believe in our desired identity. Between the one who chooses to act and the structure that provides the opportunities for acting, there are alternatives among which actions may be chosen, and the consequences of acting.
Hence it is about humans in general in an intriguing combination of inward and outward looking that have a long history, projecting the constructed past into the imagined future.


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